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Blockchain technology has been criticized for its inability to scale as the number of users and transactions increase. This has become a major obstacle in the widespread adoption of blockchain. To address this problem, several solutions have been proposed. Layer-1 solutions such as Proof-of-Stake and Sharding aim to improve blockchain performance by implementing changes to the mainnet, while Layer-2 solutions such as rollups offload transactions from the mainnet to increase the number of processed transactions while maintaining the same level of security and decentralization.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK Rollups) are considered the ultimate Layer-2 solution for blockchain scalability problems as they allow for significant scalability improvements without sacrificing security or decentralization. They achieve this by using zero-knowledge proofs to compress multiple transactions into a single transaction, reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored on the mainnet. This results in faster transaction times and lower fees.

Introduction to Wyzth

Wyzth is a platform that operates on the ZK Rollup architecture, a Layer-2 solution for blockchain scalability issues. ZK Rollups conduct all computations and state changes off-chain on a sidechain, with a summary of these changes and cryptographic proofs posted to the Mainnet for validation.

Similar to zkRollups, Wyzth has the ability to bundle hundreds of transactions into a single batch, generating a cryptographic proof in the form of SNARKs to prove the validity of each transaction. By utilizing zk-SNARK proofs, Wyzth is able to maintain the same level of security as WYchain.

Overall, the use of ZK Rollup architecture and SNARKs provides a scalable solution for Wyzth, allowing for more efficient processing of transactions without sacrificing security.

Wyzth enables seamless communication between L1 and L2 and includes features such as instant AMM swaps, a built-in NFT marketplace, and gas tokens. It also boasts fast transaction speeds and the ability to handle up to 10k transactions per second, making it a highly scalable option for WYchain users. Additionally, users have the option for a "full exit" operation to withdraw funds if they feel their transactions are being censored.

Introduction to Wyzth API

Wyzth API doc aims to provide users with an easy-to-understand guide on how to use Wyzth's Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows developers to interact with the WYchain and retrieve information such as account balances, transaction history, contract source codes, and more. The documentation is broken down into several sections, including introduction, authentication, endpoints, response types, and errors. It also includes code samples and detailed explanations for each endpoint, making it easy for developers to integrate the API into their projects.